Tasting Menu 2011

The Evolution of the Territory according to Massimo Spigaroli

55 Euro, Menu served in small tasting portions to experience the new creations of Massimo (wine excluded)

  • Small spring salads with marinated sturgeon and strips of bottarga
  • Rabbit stuffed raviolo with asparagus and crunchy mushrooms
  • A small chunk of sturgeon with small vegetables from our garden
  • Diced rabbit with zucchini, aromatic garden herbs, and potatoes
  • Selection of desserts
  • Cafés & Coffees


The Menu in Honor of Giovannino Guareschi and Giuseppe Verdi

55 Euro with a complimentary gift

  • A Flute of Tamburen with a shaving of Parmigiano Reggiano from the lowland dressed with Balsamic vinegar made from Fortana grapes.
  • Tasting of our culatello of different ageing
  • Festive gnocchi cooked with a base of tomato and basil
  • The lightly spiced Muscovy Duck of the Po with potatoes and sage
  • Aunt Emilia’s Parfait
  • Barbuters’ (The Po River Boatmen) Coffee
  • A choice of after dinner liqueurs: Nocino, Bargnolino, or Sburlon


The Buon Ricordo (“Good Memories”) Menu

55 Euro (wine excluded)

  • Culatello and all of our other home made cured meats
  • Rabbit stuffed raviolo with asparagus and crunchy mushrooms
  • or

  • Risotto with catfish strips and shrimp dressed with lemon juice and rosemary
  • Giuseppe Verdi’s capon supreme (a specialty of the Good Memories menu)
  • Selection of desserts
  • Cafés & Coffees


Children’s Menu

15 Euro, served in small portions

  • Pasta with tomato and basil
  • or

  • Tortelli pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta
  • A small portion of capon supreme with lemon juice (served with French fries)
  • or

  • Veal cutlet alla Milanese with French fries
  • A small dessert or ice cream