The a la carte menu


  • The vertical tasting of our selection of Culatello ham of three ageings  with “Spigarolino di Culatello” salami and pickled vegetables. – 18.00 euros (C).
  • Zibello Culatello ham, cooked shoulder of ham of black pig and “Antico Spigaroli” salami with sweet and sour pepper stew. – 17.00 euros (C).
  • The rabbit & fois gras terrine with brioche bread with bananas and spiced red wine pear. – 20.00 euros.
  • Salt water prawns with firstlings from our garden and Fortana balsamic vinegar. – 18.00 euros (C).
  • White beef raw ham of Po Valley laid over mixed green salads from our garden and mustard seeds. – 17.00 euros (C).

  • “Parmesan-style” tortelli stuffed with spinach and cheese. – 11.00 euros (V).
  • The tagliolini (ribbon pasta) with double red cow butterfat dressing, Culatello ham and Parmigiano cheese wafer. – 11.00 euros.
  • The sturgeon tagliatelline (thin ribbon pasta) of our tradition. – 11.00 euros.
  • Ravioli stuffed with vegetables laid over a bed of tomato purée with tosone cheese fondue and marjoram – 11.00 euros (V).
  • Creamy risotto with holm oak truffle – 15.00 euros (minimum two people)  (C/V).
  • G.Verdi style risotto with fresh vegetables from our garden and crispy Culatello ham(according to the traditional family’s recipe) – 13.00 euros (C).
  • Potato gnocchetti with mint and lemon, perch, fresh tomato and tiny spinach leaves. – 11.00 euros.
  • Traditional Lowland anolini cooked in a capon, beef and pork broth. – 11.00 euros.

  •  Daddy Piren’s fried fish with eel, frogs, catfish and whitebait (an old family recipe: crunchy fish fried in our black pigs’ lard). – 18.00 euros.
  • Traditional frog legs stir-fried with butter, garlic and parsley. – 18.00 euros.
  • The millefeuille of marinated salmon served with crunchy vegetables with yogurt sauce and dill. – 18.00 euros (C).

  •  Giuseppe Verdi’s capon supreme (a specialty of the Buon Ricordo menu). – 20.00 euros.
  • Melting shoulder of lamb from Corniglio laid over a bed of diced thyme potatoes and spinach. – 18.00 euros (C).
  • Medium rare White beef with juniper and small firstlings from our kitchen garden. – 18.00 euros (C).
  • Fillet of Parma Black Pig pork layered with culatello ham and tosone cheese with browned fennel. – 18.00 euros (C).
  • Lightly spiced Po pied mute duck with vegetables and potatoes. – 18.00 euros (C).

  • 9,00 euros


Our dishes are all served with vegetables grown in our garden. Should we run out of any vegetable proposed in our menu we will take the liberty to substitute it with another vegetable from the same garden.

All the vegetables, flours, cured meats and most of the fresh meats that we serve to our customers, are produced on our family farm “Antica Corte Pallavicina”. 

Celiac recipes are marked with a C, Vegetarian dishes with a V